Cat Dental chews

Say meow 🐱 to our latest product – Catnip fish-shaped cat dental chews. These dental treats are crafted with cats’ needs in mind. They look like little fishies and are made of high-quality, raw ingredients like catnip, ribbon fish, tuna, salmon fishmeal, and wheatgrass.
As an all-natural product, with a chewy texture and bite-sized design, our cat dental treats are safe for kittens over 18 weeks, adult cats, and seniors.
They are available in two flavours – shrimp and milk. With flavours no cat can resist, they are bound to become your kitty’s new favourite treat!
Apart from being tasty, our catnip cat dental treats are also healthy. They are rich in protein, which is paramount to cats’ overall health as it’s their main source of energy. It supports their growth, muscles, and vision health, and promotes healthy fur and nails.
Although high in protein, our chews are very low in fat. As such, they can help with weight management and may reduce the risk of diabetes. And, their high percentage of moisture makes them chewable and digestible. As such, they allow cats a prolonged chewing enjoyment and help clean their teeth.

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