Catnip Fish-shaped Cat Dental Chew with Shrimp Flavour

Catnip fish-shaped cat dental chews are the latest addition to our product palette. They are made from natural ingredients with proven benefits for cats. They are nutrient-dense, including omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. While high in protein, they are low in fat, preventing weight gain.

Our shrimp-flavoured cat dental chews stand out for their soft and chewy texture and high digestibility. They contain a high percentage of moisture and protein, which makes them easy to chew and digest, without harming your cat’s digestive system.

Who is it for?

The Catnip Fish-shaped Cat Dental Chew with shrimp flavour is suitable for cats of all ages, including kittens over 18 weeks.


High-quality 100% Natural Product: Our catnip cat dental chews with shrimp flavour is an all-natural product. It’s made of raw ingredients including catnip, silvervine, ribbon fish, tuna, salmon fishmeal, and corn flour.

Highly Digestible: This product is rich in protein and moisture, which makes it soft and easy to chew and digest. Its small size adds up to the overall digestibility.

Nutritious: Our brand-new shrimp-flavoured catnip chews contain a variety of fish and plants like catnip and silvervine. As such, they are high in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Natural Flavour: The only thing more delicious than fish to cats is a shrimp-flavoured fish-based treat! Our tiny fish-shaped dental chews include several types of fish and shrimp powder, offering your cat a real pleasure of the palate.

Safe: The catnip cat dental chews with shrimp flavour are made of many natural ingredients. A variety of fish, plants, and animal acids like taurine, as well as the tiny size and rich moisture content, make these chews easy to chew and digest. They aren’t a choking hazard not cause lacerations in your pet’s digestive tract.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Mellow Premium’s mission is to offer premium-quality products at an affordable price. We continually work toward improving our products and offer treats your pets will love. We produced these fish-based, shrimp-flavoured chews with the hope that your cat will enjoy every bite of them.

To use our catnip dental chews properly, feed your cat the recommended amount based on their size and food intake. Although safe and healthy, this product doesn’t replace actual food and shouldn’t make more than 10% of the total daily food intake of your pet.

Before opening, place the product away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity. After opening, store it at room temperature below 25 ℃ and consume it as soon as possible. Note that the product’s shelf life is 24 months 

Corn Flour, Wheat Gluten, Glycerin, Ribbon Fish, Tuna, Vegetable Protein, Salmon Fishmeal, Shrimp Powder, Wheatgrass, Catnip, Silvervine, Taurine, Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin, and Shrimp Colours.

The catnip fish-shaped catnip dental chew is a natural product made of raw ingredients.

NOTE: If you notice that the product has deteriorated, don’t use it, and dispose of it properly.


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