Himalayan Yak Dog Chew

Mellow Premium Himalayan Dog Chew treats are the perfect treat for any dog. Made of all-natural, high-quality organic ingredients, these chews are highly digestible and suitable even for dogs with a sensitive stomach. Moreover, they are free from additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors as well as allergens like grains and gluten. This makes them safe even for dogs with food allergies.

Our Yakalicious Dog Chews are made following an ancient recipe from Nepal to ensure their safety and efficacy. They are made of yak milk and are rich in nutrients, but low in fat. In this way, they prevent your dog from becoming overweight while supporting their overall health.

Your furry friend will enjoy the lovely flavor of their yak cheese dog chew for hours without leaving any stains on the floor, furniture, or wherever your dog chooses to chew them.

What makes our yak dog chew treats a great choice for your dog is that they clean your dog’s teeth and keep them healthy.

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