Dog Dental Brush

Mellow Premium’s Dental Treat Brush is the latest addition to our product offer. It’s a premium-quality product made of natural raw ingredients like rice flour, potato flour, salmon fishmeal, vitamin E, and Gardenia Yellow. It doesn’t contain preservatives, binders, or artificial colours and flavours.

Made of only natural ingredients, our dog dental treat brush is safe for dogs of all ages. Puppies over 18 weeks old, adult dogs, and senior dogs, regardless of their breed, can all enjoy a long-lasting and yummy dental chew.

The well-balanced nutrient content makes it safe for your pet and their digestive system. It’s rich in fibre and high in moisture which makes it easy to chew, highly digestible, and long-lasting. Being high in protein, it promotes healthy and shiny coat and skin. It also supports dogs’ bones, ligaments, and muscles, preventing mobility issues in older age. At the same time, it’s very low in fat, which prevents weight gain if given in adequate amounts based on your pet’s age and size.

What sets our dog dental brush treat apart from other similar products is its design. It looks just like a toothbrush and has a bidirectional spiral kinetic energy head design. Complemented with a soft and chewy texture that increases the chewing time, this treat can literally clean your pet’s teeth and gums ensuring optimal oral hygiene.

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