What Dog Chews Are Best for Aggressive Chewers?

What Dog Chews Are Best for Aggressive Chewers?

Choosing the right dog chews for your pet is more important than it seems because they determine the enjoyment and the time your dog spends playing with them. But, how can you choose the most suitable dog chews for your furry friend?

When choosing a dog treat for your aggressive chewer, you need to choose high-quality chews that can withstand your dog’s severe chewing. To help you make the right choice, here’s a list of the features dog chews for aggressive chewers should have.

What Makes a Dog Chew Suitable for Aggressive Chewers?

Dog Chew’s Size

When choosing a suitable chew for your dog, consider its size and thickness:

  • Puppies – 6” – 12” standard chews
  • Small breeds up to 8 lbs – 6” thick chews
  • Small breeds 8-25 lbs – 6” thick or jumbo chews
  • Medium breeds 25-45 lbs – 6” thick or super-thick chews 
  • Large breeds 45-90+ lbs – 12” super-thick chews

Long-Lasting Chews

Long-lasting dog chews are stronger and thicker than the others to ensure they withstand the dog’s aggression in chewing. When looking at the chew’s thickness, don’t forget to consider your dog’s size. Most chews are 0.4”- 1” thick, but there are also thicker products. For aggressive chewers, go for chews that are around 1” thick and over if you have a large dog.

Apart from being thick, the chews should be made of strong and natural ingredients that aren’t that easy to chew right away, yet not too hard to harm your pooch. Stay away from chews containing rawhide and nylon and go for those made of natural ingredients like beef and yak milk.


Chews’ safety is very important when you have an aggressive chewer. You want a treat that is made of ingredients that don’t splinter into tiny pieces as these can cause lacerations in your dog’s mouth and intestines or even choke them.

Also, it shouldn’t be too hard as it may crack your dog’s teeth or cause lacerations in its digestive system. To check the chew’s hardness, tap it against your knee. If your knee hurts, the chew is too hard for your dog. You can also check the chew’s hardness by pressing your fingernail into it. If you can’t cause an indentation into the chew, it’s too hard for your dog.

Easily Digestible Single-Ingredient or Limited-Ingredient Chews

The best dog chews for aggressive cheers are made of one or limited natural ingredients. For instance, single-ingredient dog chews, like our bully sticks, are easy to digest because they contain only one natural ingredient, e.g. beef. Likewise, limited-ingredient chews like yak chews are made of yak milk, salt, and lime. Choosing chews made of one or a few ingredients eliminates the risk of food allergies and allows easy digestion.

What Dog Chews Are Best for Aggressive Chewers?

Bully sticks are the best dog chew for your aggressive chewer. They are strong enough and made of natural ingredients that are easy to digest. Moreover, some bully sticks come braided and shaped to ensure an extra-long and enjoyable chewing experience. And, you don’t have to worry about their safety because they don’t splinter. Instead, they become soft and serve as a toothbrush for your dog’s teeth.


Head over to our shop and choose between bully sticks and yak chews. Both types of products are made of natural ingredients and thick all the features the best dog chews for aggressive chewers should have.

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