Thanksgiving Pet Safety Guide: X Tips for a Safe and Stress-Free Holiday with Your Pet

Thanksgiving is all about family gatherings, gratitude, and, of course, delicious feasts. But it’s also a time of potential distress for your pet. All those family members, cheers, decorations, and shouts can stress out your four-legged companion. Not to mention the risk of munching on undercooked turkey, a sip of an alcoholic drink, or getting their paws onto a pet-unfriendly floral arrangement.

To help you prevent all that, we’ve prepared this tiny guide on Thanksgiving pet safety. Find the top 6 safety tips and get ready for Thanksgiving 2023.

Keep the Food Away from Your Pet

Your Thanksgiving table might be delicious and full of tempting treats, but remember that not all human food is safe for your pet. That’s why it’s best to keep it out of their reach. Stash it in a pantry or kitchen cupboard and place it on the table short before your guests arrive.

Beware of Treating Your Pet to Human Food

Want to give your pet some of the deliciousness you’ve prepared? A small portion of boneless cooked turkey, sweet potato, or plain pumpkin is fine. Even better, you can get some natural dog or cat treats to keep them entertained for some time.

Avoid anything sweetened with xylitol, as it’s toxic for animals.

Create a Safe Space for Your Pet

The family get-togethers on Thanksgiving can be overwhelming for your pet. All those people, especially the new faces, the loud noise, and unknown smells can make your pet anxious and stressed out.

To protect them from the stress, create a quiet and comfy place they can hide in when the festivities become too much for them. Add a soft bed or cushion, blanket, toys, and a bowl of fresh water.

Mind the Decorations

We know you want your home to reflect your holiday joy. But, turning your home into a decoration paradise may pose a risk to your pet’s safety.

Candles, some types of flowers (e.g. lilies for cats), and garlands are dangerous as your pet may get their paws on them and either chew on them or get burnt.

The best way to prevent this is by keeping them out of reach. Also, if you plan to set a floral arrangement, use only flowers that aren’t toxic to your pet.

Let Your Guests Know of the Do’s & Don’ts

Though it may sound weird, and you may doubt if you should do it, it’s wise to tell your guests what they can and shouldn’t do when around your pet. Inform them about your pet’s behavior, especially when they’re around new faces. You may advise them not to approach your pet as soon as they enter your home. Also, let them know your feeding rules such as under-table feeding or giving them human food.

And, last but not least, advise your guests to hang their bags on the hooks in the hall so your pet can’t stick their nose into them. You don’t know what’s in their bags and your pet may eat or lick something dangerous like a chocolate bar, medication, gum, or lipstick.

After the Thanksgiving Feast…

Getting ready for the Thanksgiving feast with your pet’s safety in mind is the least you can do to show your gratefulness to them. However, you shouldn’t forget the after-dinner period when everyone is chill. The trash is there, and where the trash is, there’s a dog or cat waiting for the right time to explore the treasures hidden in it.

To avoid a treasure hunt in the trash can or incidents such as choking caused by turkey bones, dispose of the leftovers and secure the bag or bin.


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