How to Prevent Obesity in Cats in 5 Simple Steps?

How to Prevent Obesity in Cats in 5 Simple Steps?

Does your cat have Garfield’s appetite and you’re worried that it may get overweight? While watching obese cats videos is funny and cute at the same time, obesity in cats in real life is far from that. In fact, obese cats are prone to developing health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, urinary bladder stones, arthritis, and even cancer.

The good news is that obesity in cats is preventable. You can save your cat’s life and improve its life with a few adjustments in its diet and lifestyle. Here are 5 steps to help you prevent cat obesity!

Prevent Cat Obesity in 5 Simple Steps

I. Choose the Right Food for Your Cat

Ask your vet what food is most appropriate for your cat. Many cat owners aren’t sure about what type of food they should feed their cats with, especially when it comes to cat food dry vs wet. Your vet will suggest the best food for your cat based on their age, nutritional needs, and health. For instance, kittens неед special food with nutrients essential for their growth and development, not all-purpose cat food.

II. Limit Portion Size

Filling your cat’s bowl to the top to make sure they have enough food is a HUGE mistake. Your cat doesn’t know when to stop eating, so it’ll continue eating until its bowl is empty. And, this is one of the main causes of obesity in cats.

If you don’t know how much food you should give to your cat, you should consult with your vet or follow the recommended serving size on the food package.

III. Choose Natural Healthy Cat Food

Food quality plays a major role in developing cat obesity. Low-quality foods, including cat treats, aren’t 100% natural and contain lots of fillers, such as preservatives, artificial colors and flavorings, and binders. These fillers promote the creation and storage of excess fat, which leads to obesity. That’s why you need to go for 100% natural food and healthy treats for cats like our freeze-dried cat treats.

IV. Use Food Puzzles to Keep Your Cat Active

Food puzzles are a great way to activate your cat and keep it entertained. Food dispensers, for instance, not only keep your cat focused and playful but also distribute food in small portions. This is a great way to limit their portion size and control the amount of food consumed. Plus, being all in the game, cats eat more slowly and spend more calories

V. Make Your Cat Move It Move It!

Moving around while playing with food puzzles is not enough physical activity. Your cat needs to exercise to prevent obesity.

Make exercise a daily routine, playing with your cat for 5 minutes each day. Exercising can take many forms, from simple playing to taking walks outside to pounce games. If possible, you should add a scratching post to encourage your cat to climb and stretch its muscles.


Overweight cats are funny when you see them online. However, in real life, those cats are at risk of developing various health conditions and diseases and probably suffer from one. Hence, if you’ve noticed your cat is getting chubby, it’s time to act to prevent them from becoming obese.

Remember, it’s never too late to reduce your cat’s weight. Start practicing these 5 simple steps and prevent your cat’s obesity today.

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