5 Must-Have Items to Keep Your Dog Warm and Safe This Winter

5 Must-Have Items to Keep Your Dog Warm and Safe This Winter

Are you getting your dog ready for the coldest months? It may be hard to decide what your dog needs to stay warm and cozy on cold winter days. Do they need a jacket? Are their feet cold? Are they warm in their bed?

Every pet owner has these questions and it’s difficult to decide where to start from when preparing your dog for winter.

That’s why we’ve created a list of 5 must-have items to keep your dog warm and cozy this winter. Let’s check them out

1. Warm and cozy clothes

Although dogs have a coat that keeps them warm in winter, it’s always a good idea to get them some warm and cozy clothes. If the weather is mildly cold or your dog has long hair, a sweater is enough to keep them warm. However, if your dog is small or short-haired, it’s best to get them a thick, warm, and waterproof winter coat.

2. Rubber booties

Dogs’ paws are naturally protected, but it’s still not safe for them to walk bare-paw on icy surfaces. It’s not only because of the cold or snow but also because of the salt used for defrosting the ice on the streets. The salt can harm their paw pads since they already have some ice and snow on them. That’s why, your dog needs a nice pair of rubber, waterproof booties.

3. Warm and comfy dog bed

Lying on the floor in a simple bed used throughout the year may make your dog feel cold. It’s because regular beds aren’t thick enough to stop the cold from the cold getting to your dog. That’s why you need to get your dog a winter bed.

You can find various types of winter beds, such as traditional fleece beds, electric beds, self-heating beds, and enclosed beds. Regardless of which type you choose, you can rest assured your dog stays warm even on the coldest days.

 4. Nourishing butter balm

Did you know that dogs can experience dry and chapped noses and paws? Yeah, their skin gets dry in winter, just like ours. To soothe dry and chapped nose and paws or prevent it, you should get a nourishing butter balm for your dog. And, if your dog doesn’t like wearing booties, you should get them a paw wax. The paw wax will keep their paws moisturized and prevent pain, discomfort, and infection.

5. Mentally-stimulating toys

Dogs love going outside, but when the weather gets too cold, it’s best to keep them inside. Since dogs get easily bored indoors, you should get them mentally-stimulating toys to keep them entertained. The most common are food puzzles, dog dental chews, stuffable rubber toys, and snuffle mats. They’ll keep your dog busy for some time, challenge them mentally, and keep them healthy and happy.


Having all these items is a necessity to ensure your dog stays warm and safe in winter. They will protect your pooch from the cold weather and will keep them healthy.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing their coat/sweater, booties, and bed is to choose the right size. They need to fit your dog so they feel comfortable.

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