How to Heal after Your Dog’s Death?

Your dog is your best friend, part of your family. That’s why losing it is one of the most excruciating experiences in life. Those who never had a dog can never understand your grief because they don’t know the bond between people and dogs. It is a one-of-a-kind relationship that lasts until death does you apart.

Have you just gone through the toughest moment of your life?

Here are several ways to help you heal after your dog’s death.

  1. Take Your Time to Grieve

Losing your beloved dog is really painful. It’s losing a friend, a friend that never ignored you and never argued with you. A friend who did nothing but be there for you whenever you needed and love you more than anything in the world.

So, yeah, it’s normal to feel devastated and lost and to grieve. Don’t hide your sadness and take your time for grieving. It’s never easy to lose a companion, especially a kind one, but taking some time to mourn over your pup and accept what happened will help you cope with its death.

2. Hold a Ceremony

There is no official funeral service for pets, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hold a ceremony for your dog. In fact, holding a ceremony is a great way to honor them and share your emotions with the rest of the family. It’s also the first step to healing because it symbolizes the farewell between you and your dog.

3. Create a Memorial

Creating a memorial is a great way to eternalize your pet. It’s a way to honor your beloved pet and express your love for them. You can use a stone, a statue, or another item to mark the spot in your garden (or a pet cemetery if there is one in your city) where you’ve buried your dog.

4. Talk to Your Family and Friends About the Loss

Don’t be ashamed to share your emotions and grief of losing your dog with your family and friends. Talk about your feelings and how much you miss your fluffy buddy. Don’t hide your tears, it’s normal to cry for someone you loved deeply. Sharing your emotions out loud will help you accept your pet’s death and deal with it a bit more easily.

5. Create a Memory Book

Another way to eternalize your pet is by creating a memory book. Gather some of the numerous photos you have from him and both of you together and put them in a photo album or make a scrapbook.

Having a memory book will ensure your pup is always there watching you. It’s also comforting and represents a healthy close to your life together.

6. The Hardest Farewell

Losing your dog is painful and it takes time for the heart to heal. So, don’t hurry with grieving, don’t hide your sorrow, and don’t pretend everything’s alright because it’s not. Instead, take some time to accept what happened, express your feelings, and reach for professional support if you need it. And, don’t forget to take care of yourself and your wellbeing. Life has to go on and you must find a way to cope with your pet’s loss whenever you are ready.

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