6 Signs That Your Dog Is Smart

Have you noticed your dog is behaving smarter than dogs usually do? Does it enjoy playing with their problem-solving toys? Does it come up with solutions to all problems in no time?

If you think your dog is Einstein reincarnated in a canine, you can go a step further and start monitoring their behavior looking for specific signs that prove your dog is smart. While there are many signs you should look out for, these are the top 6.

6 Signs That Your Dog Is Smart

  1. They Can Learn Tricks and Commands Fast

Teaching tricks and commands is a unique experience for each dog. Some dogs learn faster and some slower. If you want to find out if your dog is smart, just consider the number of times you need to repeat a trick or a command before your dog masters it. If you need to repeat them only a few times, then he or she is definitely smart.

  1. They Remember Old Tricks

Have you taught your pup a trick in the past and haven’t used it for quite some time and now, you instructed your dog to do it and he/she could do it? Well, that’s definitely a sign of your dog’s intelligence. The professional dog trainer Robert Cabral claims that if you taught a dog a trick and haven’t done it at all, if he/she is smart, he/she will remember it when you ask them.

  1. They Are Escape Artists

Does it seem that your pooch can find its way out no matter where they are? Being an escape artist is a sign of intelligence. So, if your dog can find that getaway spot in the fence, jump over it, open a door, jump over a wall, or dig their way out, be proud – your dog isn’t bad-behaved, he is smart!

  1. They Use Their Paws to Help Them Do Something

Most dogs rely on their mouth when it comes to fetching, getting, or doing something. Intelligent dogs rely more on their paws to help them do whatever they want to do. For example, they use their paws to catch the toy under the sofa, open a door, flush the toilet, swipe things off the table, and more.

  1. They Solve Treat Puzzles Quickly

Is your dog a great problem-solver? Can he/she quickly find a way to open treat puzzles? If he/she can do it without your help and in a short time, he/she is smart. The quick solving of the puzzle means their brain works faster and a bit “differently” than other dogs’ brains.

  1. They Try to Communicate with You

All dogs want to be understood by their owners. That’s why they always find a way to communicate with them. It may be by barking in front of the entrance door when they want to go out, bringing you the leash when they want to go for a walk, or bringing you a toy when they want to play.

So, how can you tell if your dog is smart if all dogs do these things?

Well, most dogs need to be trained to learn how to communicate with their owners. If your dog does these things without previous training and even adds other cues to tell you something, he/she is most definitely a smart one.

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