5 Tips to Prepare Your Dog for a Checkup

Dogs hate visiting the vet as much as we hate visiting a doctor. Let’s face it, no one likes the white coats and shiny metal tools at the doctor’s office. But, regular checkups are essential for a healthy dog. And, no matter how much your pup hates going to the vet, you have to take it.

Since dogs are stressed out when going to the vet, it’s a good idea to prepare them for the checkup. Here are 5 tips on how to do it!

5 Tips to Prepare Your Dog for a Checkup

 1. Go for a Walk Before the Checkup

Use the morning to take your dog for a walk. Go to the nearby park and play with him. Running around will spend some of his energy and will make him a bit tired, so he won’t have enough energy to make a mess at the vet’s office.

2. Visit the Vet Before the Checkup

Taking your dog to the vet a few times before the checkup is a great idea. It will allow the dog to get comfortable at the practice. You can take your dog several times just to be weighed or simply see the practice.

Also, if the practice organizes puppy parties, it’s a great idea to take your dog on one. He will get to know the clinic, will “hang out” with other pups, and will be comfortable in the waiting room.

3. Bring Your Pooch in a Crate or on a Leash

If your dog is small, you can put him in a crate. That will make him feel safe and will prevent a potential runaway. You can even put your pup’s favorite blanket and a toy in the crate to create a cozy environment.

If your dog is bigger or simply doesn’t like crates, you can put him on a leash. The leash allows you to easily manage his behavior and prevent him from running away.

4. Keep Your Dog Calm in the Waiting Room

To help your dog calm down while in the waiting room, keep him in your lap or by your side. Pet him and talk to him with a gentle tone to help him relax. You can also give him a treat and play with him using the treat like you did when you trained him.

Alternatively, you can take him out of the practice to “take a break” from the stressful environment. You can even tell the nurse you’ll be waiting outside so that she calls you when it’s your turn.

5. Distract Your Dog During the Checkup

There’s no way to stop your dog from being scared and nervous during the checkup. However, you can decrease his stress and fear by keeping him distracted.

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