What Are the Best Dog Chews for Puppies?

What Are the Best Dog Chews for Puppies?

Are you a first-time pet parent with a puppy as an addition to your family? That’s wonderful! Puppies are cute, oh-so-adorable, and playful. They are also more demanding than older dogs because they are still babies, dependent on your care and attention.

Speaking of care, puppies need special dental care during their teething period so their teeth can grow healthy and strong. They also need chews to strengthen their jaws. You can take care of both of these things with one product: dog chews for puppies.

Why Should You Buy a Dog Chew for Your Puppy?

Puppies need dog chews because they love to chew on something, and you don’t want that “something” to be your furniture or shoes. Apart from chewing for entertainment, pups need chews to develop and strengthen their jaws. Plus, chews help reduce the pain they experience while teething.

Additionally, natural dog chews provide your puppy with essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and proteins. They also remove the bacteria build-up on your pup’s teeth, thus keeping their teeth clean and healthy and preventing bad breath and dental disease.

What Are the Best Dog Chews for Puppies?

  1. Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are one of the best dog chews for puppies. They are made of natural ingredients, packed with nutrients, high in proteins, low in salt and fats, and last long enough to keep your pup busy for some time. They come in different sizes, thicknesses, lengths, and shapes, so you can choose the ones that best fit your pup’s breed and size.

  1. Cod Sticks

Cod sticks are a great chew for puppies since they are soft and easy to digest. Although soft, they are chewy enough to provide your pup with an enjoyable chewing experience. Moreover, they are also packed with nutrients, including Omega oils, which are essential for healthy joints, skin, and coat. 

  1. Tripe Twist Sticks

Packed with a unique flavor, tripe twist sticks are some of the safest chews for puppies because they soften while chewing, thus allowing your pup to take small bites. They are also perfect for teething pups as they massage their gums, thus easing the teething pain. Additionally, they clean their teeth and maintain good oral health.

  1. Beef Tendons

Beef tendons provide floss-like teeth cleaning experience, reducing the plaque and bacteria build-ups between their teeth and in their mouth. They are quite hard at first but soften as soon as your dog starts chewing them. They are also easy to digest and long-lasting dog chews, thus providing a wonderful chewing experience to your pup.

  1. Cow Ears

Cow ears are one of the best chews for teething puppies as they massage their gum, thus reducing the pain. They are low in fat, super-easy to digest, and long-lasting, so you can rest assured your pup enjoys every second of chewing this treat.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a dog chew for your pup, make sure it’s big enough to fit their mouth, soft enough to not splinter while chewing, nutritious, fully digestible, and yummy. With these criteria in mind, we’d suggest choosing natural dog chews made of 100% organic ingredients. Chews like these ensure your pup receives all nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy while having a great time doing what they love the most: chewing.

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