Dried Minnows


Premium Quality Single-Ingredient Dried Fish: Our brand-new dried small fish is an all-natural cat treat containing only minnows. There are no additives, preservatives, added colours, or flavourings.

Highly Digestible: These minnows are highly digestible due to being made of a single natural ingredient and rich in protein.

Nutritious: The dried small fish contains only small fish which has been manually dried. It’s free from additives, fillers, added colours and flavourings, and rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Natural Flavour: “Something smells fishy” just got a new meaning thanks to the rich and natural minnow flavour of this product. Your cat will be enchanted by the smell and taste of dried fish!

Safe: This dried small fish is made of natural ingredients and it doesn’t contain additives, fillers, preservatives, binders, or artificial colours and flavours. It contains a higher percentage of moisture which makes the fish easy to chew and digest.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Mellow Premium’s mission is to provide you with premium quality treats for your pet at an affordable price. We always try to be better than before and produce treats your pet will love. We hope your cat will fall in love with our brand-new dried small fish and enjoy every bite of it.

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Our dried small fish is a natural product free from additives, preservatives, fillers, binders, and added colours and flavours. It’s a single-ingredient product rich in vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also rich in protein and low in fat which prevents your cat from gaining excess weight. The higher percentage of moisture makes the minnows chewy, thus allowing for enjoyable chewing and easy digestion.

What makes this product a must-have treat for cats is that the fish are of the size most edible to cats. They are carefully prepared to be easy to chew and digest. First, they’ve been boiled to reduce the salinity of the seawater, and then, they were carefully manually baked to dried.

Who is it for?

This dry small fish is a natural single-ingredient product suitable for kittens (over 18 weeks), adult cats, and old cats.

To use this product properly, make sure you feed your cat with the right amount of dried small fish according to their age. Kittens should consume 5-8 tails a day and adult cats 10-15 tails a day.

Upon opening, keep the product at room temperature below 25°C in a dry and dark place and use it soon after opening. Otherwise, its shelf life is 18 months.

Dried small fish (minnows)

The dried small fish is a single-ingredient cat treat and is free from additives, fillers, preservatives, and added colors and flavourings.

NOTE: The product contains fish, which makes it unsuitable for cats allergic to it.????


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